We are elegant, luxurious, fun. We are Blue Chilli Design.

With the tag line: Elegant. Luxurious. Fun. Blue Chilli Design & Trade GmbH sells elegant and silverware, barware, accessories, silver cutlery and our specialty handmade crystal glass with pure silver rim. We offer this unique product selection to Interior Designer to help them equip homes, yachts, Jets and apartments, luxury hotels, bar and fine dining restaurants or selected retails stores worldwide. You can already find Blue Chilli Design items as highlights in China, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Russia, Dubai, Egypt, Sweden, France, UK, Spain, Italy and Germany.


Why are we special? - Here is our story

After traveling and working in a traditional silverware workshop for many years, our founder decided to break ties with tradition and combine his love for silver with a modern twist.

“I love silver! It’s reflection, it’s delicacy, it’s shine, it’s softness, it’s history and I like working with this elegant, luxurious metal”, he said, “however I felt, that the forms you can find silver in are dusty and often quite literally. I remember the heavy ornamented silverware that my grandma had on display for special occasions. I was always amazed by the sparkle and the flair that come with them. However, silver wants to be used. It does not like to be stored away and taken out only sometimes. It punishes us with a tarnished, oxidised surface. However, regular used silverware has enough abrasion and thus has no change to tarnish. My vision in starting Blue Chilli Design, is to offer modern designs with luxurious materials, that are elegant but at the same time fun. I want to keep the tradition of silverware alive but give it a modern spin.”